Shaftesbury Glade Cottages
At present, 'Shaftesbury Glade Cottages'  is able to boast three unique features that most boutique accommodation places anywhere would be struggling compete against.

1. Woodland-like grounds consisting of deciduous trees, hedges and shrubs. Each cottage is in it's own tree enclosed area giving privacy and a peaceful, restful setting.

2. An old large cast iron enamelled bath set amongst trees for a 'hot restful soak' under the stars. Hot water is provided by a wood fired water heater which provides piping hot water only 1 hour after lighting. A great experience that is well worth the small effort of lighting a fire.

3. A Swedish / Finnish styled 'steam sauna room'. The perfect place to help relax the body after a 'dose of city life' or after a long days walking on one of the many tramps the area has to offer. The heat is provided by a 'Tylo' electric sauna heater and humidity is increased by splashing water onto the sauna stones that sit in the heater. A small tariff is charged to cover power costs in running the heater.
Shaftesbury Glade Cottages
19 Shaftesbury Road,
Manawaru  R.D.1
Te Aroha     3391
New Zealand

Phone:    07 8846601
Tree lined driveway to carpark area ..... a magic first impression when you first arrive

Sauna room with traditional wooden benches and 'Tylo' Sauna Heater.
Different views through trees

Steam Sauna cabin on right under a large Magnolia Grandiflora tree

Outdoors bath enclosure
Large bath to lie back and soak in

Trunk of Redwood Tree
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Sauna and Grounds 014 (600 x 450)
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BMX and bath 022 (600 x 450)
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BMX and bath 024 (450 x 600)
Shaftesbury Cottages 073 (600 x 450)
Shaftesbury Cottages 121 (600 x 450)
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